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Design Process

Optimal design process

Modelmaker optimizes the design process by simplifying interaction with the client and making the exchange of crucial information between the two parties transparent. It provides the tool necessary to ensure client satisfaction.

Optimization of the design process

The following image shows the stages to the typical design process:

Design process

The different stages of the design process.

  • New requirements or client needs: The client informs us of its packaging needs.
  • The idea and the box type are considered: The best type of box to meet the client´s needs is considered.
  • The structural aspects of the proposed box are worked on: Once the type of box to be designed is clear, the development of the box using a CAD tool begins.
  • Modifications are made: Following the development of the first outline of the box, a prototype is made and the client´s comments and requested changes are used in order to redesign the box.
  • Production stage begins: Once the client has accepted the design, the production stage begins.
Iteraciones y rediseño The previous diagram shows the four most common phases in the process of refining the model of the box designed:
  • Draft design: This is the first design drawn up in accordance with the client´s specifications.
  • Prototype: Following the draft design, a prototype is made which is sent by courier to the client.
  • Redesign: Once the client has received the prototype, it can comment on it or request modifications. The model is then redesigned and sent to the client as before.
  • Final design: Following modification, the client accepts the box design.

The best professionals

The Box Builder´s development team is made up of professionals with 15 years of experience in the industry. Industrial designers experienced in designing packaging and die boards for the processing of cartonboard. Know-how applied in order to solve all potential problems in the production process.
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