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Find out why Modelmaker is the most versatile CAD software for packaging which best meets your company´s needs.

The most versatile solution which best meets your company´s needs

Next, find out some of the main features that make Modelmaker the most versatile tool on the market compared to other CAD solutions for packaging:

Library of standard designs
Organized by type of box Disponible
Organized by shape of box Disponible
Organized by materials available for each box Disponible
Organized by gluing system Disponible
2D and 3D viewing Disponible
Top quality standard designs Disponible
Constant updating of standard designs Disponible
FEFCO and ECMA standard designs Disponible
Library of customizable accessories Disponible
All standard designs are customizable Disponible
Creation of "My Favourites" Disponible
Customizable library of your own accessories Disponible
Design environment
Dimensions type selection Disponible
Different material selection Disponible
Customization of different design details Disponible
Design customization using your own accessories Disponible
Customization of accessories Disponible
Adjustment of modifications Disponible
Option of adding an image to the design Disponible
Each standard design can be completely customized Disponible
Adjustment of basic dimensions Disponible
3D design viewer
Interaction with 3D models: rotate, move, zoom in, zoom out, etc... Disponible
Automatic animation showing box assembly Disponible
Manufacture - Die Board
Automatic presentation of different arrangements Disponible
Modification of design angle Disponible
Change to number of units Disponible
Change to gutter width Disponible
Customizable die board type Disponible
Customizable types can be stored Disponible
Change to margin widths Disponible
Automatic optimization of die board space Disponible
Exportable designs
CF2 - EPS - DXF - PDF - VRML (The 3D model with animation) Disponible
Organization of your work
Creation of client files Disponible
Organization of designs for each client Disponible
Creation of your own library that can be organized into folders Disponible
Organization of designs in folders in your own library Disponible
Customization of your work environment
Language Selection (English, French, Spanish) Disponible
Creation of your own die board types Disponible

Cost saving

When we buy software that we intend to use in our companies, whe frequently incur costs in buying software licenses, installing the software on the company´s IT systems, training specialist staff, and in maintaining and updating software (guarantee extensions).
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