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What is the best CAD solution for packaging

Find out what makes Modelmaker an unrivalled tool and why it guarantees you dramatic cost savings.

What is Modelmaker ?

Modelmaker by The Box Builder is a structural packaging design solution that can be used without prior kwoledge. Anyone can design a model in 5 minutes without having to understand the details of the design process for said model.
Additionally, as its sales model is based on ASP (Application Service Provider), there is no need to purchase software or incur the costs involved in maintaining it.

No prior knowledge


One of Modelmaker´s greatest achievements is to give you the ability to design top quality boxes without prior training or without being an expert in box construction.
See for yourself by using the application for free...
Try it out for free...

Library of top quality standards

Max QualityModelmaker possesses a library of standard designs, which provide you with maximum quality in the boxes you design. Naturally, all of the standard designs can be customized down to the smallest detail. In a separate design process, you can even create accessories to be added to your box at a later stage.
The library is continually expanding, as The Box Builder´s design team works day after day to broaden and improve the library.
Access to the latest updates is automatic and does not require complex software updates due to the ASP model on which Modelmaker is based.
Try out Modelmaker for no cost at all...
Try out for free...

Don´t buy it, use it

ASP Model Modelmaker´s model, which is based on ASP (Application Service Provider) licenses, means that you don´t have to buy software or deal with everything which that involves.
When you purchased an IT program, you take on a series of responsabilities which must be taken into account if you want the program to work properly and not become obsolete. These costs include, for example, the purchase cost ( fixed period licenses, etc...), the cost of installation (normally carried out by specialist staff), the maintenance costs (patches to rectify software errors, updates so as not to become obsolote and their installation), the cost derived from the hardware requirements of the program (requirements for loans for each computer to use the software, architecture requirements in client/server intallations), etc.
The Box Builder avoids ALL these costs, as you don´t have to install any programs on your company´s computers. Furthermore, Modelmaker´s updates are automatic, so every time you log in to the application it already contains the latest updates.
Try out Modelmaker for no cost at all...
Try out for free...

Anytime, anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere When you purchased an IT program and install it in your company, it is geographically limited by your company´s IT park architecture. For example, you cannot attend a meeting with you client, show him the model of the box designed for him and modify it instantly to meet his specific requirements.
With Modelmaker you can do all of that, and the best thing is that even unspecialized staff, such as sales representatives, can do it whithout having to be an expert in box design. As long as you have Internet access you have access to Modelmaker and all its functions.
You don´t even need a laptop if there is already a computer with Internet access where you are going.
Try out Modelmaker for no cost at all ...
Try out for free ...


Modelmaker   has developed, down to the finest detail, its ease of use, its visual appearance and all other aspects related to user interface. Through that process it has achieved a user-friendly and easy to manage interface.
The above is closely linked to the learning curve. Thanks to its high level of usability, the learning curve to use Modelmaker is practically non-existent.
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