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Over 8 years striving towards the best solution

Modelmaker is based on over 8 years of work with the aim of providing you with the best solution.

Over 8 years striving to achieve continual improvement

Experience An application such as Modelmaker cannot be developed without constant work and continual improvement.
Modelmaker is the result of 8 years of work from the original idea to this project.
The idea that began as a service to regular clients of a company at the cutting edge of die board design and manufacture for Graphic Arts continues its trajectory as an application for Structural Packaging Design.
The experience acquired over the years by working with our clients and collecting concerns in the cartonboard industry is evident in this application.

... And to give you the best solution on the market

During the construction of the application, The Box Builder´s development team set itself the challenge of solving the problems faced by the majority of structural design applications on the market, namely:

  • Purchase cost and high initial investment.
  • Need for specialist design knowledge.
  • Learning how to use the application.
  • Simply and poorly developed standard designs.
  • Zero mobility range or flexibility when working.
  • Impossibility of using Mac.
Having solved all of these problems, we can say that Modelmaker is the best solution on the market for Structural Packaging Design.
Our clients confirm that on a daily basis.


The Box Builder possesses a library of top quality standard designs. The design team continually strives to ensure that it contains the highest number of complete standard designs. These provide the basis that ensures that all of the boxes designed using Modelmaker are of top quality. You can customize these standard designs down to the finest detail.
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