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The best professionals for the best solution

A complete team ensures that Modelmaker offers you the best solution on the market in the world of packaging.

A solution developed by professionals for professionals

Modelmaker by The Box Builder is an industrial design product created and developed with the aim of meeting needs in Structural Packaging Design. The Box Builder´s development team is made up of professionals with 15 years of experience in the industry. They can be divided into two groups:

  • Industrial Designers with experience in the design of packaging and die boards for cartonboard processing. Konw-How applied to solve all of the problems that can arise during the production of a package. It´s not jus about making an attractive package, but also about being efficient so as to obtain maximum profitability.
  • IT Technicians. The Box Builder has a team of IT professionals who are highly experienced in application development. The usability, ease of use and straightforward nature of the application verify this fact.

That´s why we can say that Modelmaker is a solution by professionals for professionals.

Top quality standard designs

Sello de Quality The content of Modelmaker´s library of boxes is the best advertisement for our application.
Standard designs developed by professionals designers with many years of experience in the industry. Even the smallest details are cosidered so that the production process goes perfectly.
An erroneous design or a design that doesn´t take all of these aspects into account is the root of a wide range of problems and poor productivity when processing the cartonboard.
Our origin as a die board manufacturer gives a solid guarantee of our design knowledge as seen in the most successful library on the market.
All of the above comes with a previously unimaginable ease of use, with no prior knowledge, unrivalled on the market.
Simply select the design you need and Modelmaker takes care of the rest. Make use of 15 years of experience in packaging development.

Optimal design cycle

Modelmaker optimizes the design process by simplifying interaction with the client and making the exchange of crucial information between the two parties transparent. It provides the tool necessary to ensure client satisfaction.
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